This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

App Store Assistant


The App Store Assistant WordPress plugin displays a list of iOS Apps, Mac apps or iTunes content from an RSS feed ( or the detail for iPhone/iPod Apps, Mac Apps, iPad Apps, Songs, Albums, Movies, Short Films, TV Episodes, or Seasons and Music Videos via the item’s ID. optionally it will also converts the items’s link to use your affiliate program. It now also allows items from to be displayed.

Built-in search for automated Post creation.

When upgrading to a new version of the plug-in, it is recommend that you rebuild the cache. There is an option in the Utilities tab that will do this for you.


  • Find an App or iTunes item fast with the “New ASA Post” button in the Admin area
    • Auto-creates new POST or Shortcode
    • Adds item Title
    • Choose from Draft, Publish or Pending
    • Auto creates Featured Image from app icon or item images
    • Adds items Categories to Post
    • Can auto create Categories based on App or items Categories
  • Displays detailed item information or links
    • Apple App Store
    • Mac App Store
    • iTunes Store
      • Songs
      • Albums
      • Podcasts
      • Movies
      • Short Films
      • TV Episodes or Seasons
      • Music Videos
  • Arrange the order of App elements via drag and drop
  • You can now display individual item elements via new shortcode
  • Display an item’s icon and short description in RSS/ATOM feed
  • Multi-country support
  • I18n aka Localization is supported via POT file
  • Earn Money with Affiliate Programs
    • PHG
    • TradeDoubler
    • Amazon Affiliates
  • Customizable
    • Choose from different Star rating colors
    • Button colors and style
    • Choose which detail elements to display and their order
    • Adjust App Icon image size
    • Elements can be displayed in an Accordion (show/hide)
  • Cache detail and images locally for quicker page load times
  • Remove the whole cache or individual items
  • Widget to show ATOM/RSS Feed of Apps
  • Use custom Excerpts or let App Store Assistant auto-create an excerpt
  • Tested with over 300 Themes
  • Screenshot Lightbox support
  • wp-o-matic plugin support

There is now a built-in quick search function. It searches for iTunes items or iOS/Mac apps. Displays the shortcode already filled out, and with the click of a button, creates a new POST already titled with the appropriate shortcode already entered.

You can also Donate to fund the development of this plugin at TheiPhoneAppsList Donate

Please let us know of any features you would like added or bugs that need squashing in the WordPress forums

REQUIRES PHP 5.4 or later

Available Shortcodes

  • [asa_item]: Displays a single iOS app, Mac app or item from the iTunes Store
  • [amazon_item]: Displays a single item from
  • [asaf_atomfeed]: Displays the items from the ATOm feed in a formatted view with the modes iOS, Mac or iTunes
  • [asa_list]: Displays Several iOS apps, Mac apps or iTunes items on a single page or post
  • [asa_link]: Displays a text only link to the iOS App, Mac app or iTunes Item
  • [amazon_item_link]: Displays a button or text only link to the Amazon Item with the modes text,button or textPrice]. The mode “textPrice” displays “Available from for” ending with price or “View on” if there is no price.”
  • [asa_elements] Displays one or more elements for an item

Full help for shortcodes is displayed in the settings area.

Feature Request List

  • Request: Have an ATOM feed auto create posts from app List
  • Request: iTunes breakout of elements
  • Request: Bulk import of Apps [Thanks TesterGP]
  • Request: Change file type to png if tiff supplied by app store WP_Image_Editor
  • Request: Random Post generator (randomly picks an app that you don’t already have a post for) [Thanks AslanDoma]
  • Request: Shortcode tags can now override the Store/Language chosen [Thanks crisf86]
  • Request: Sped up Reset of Featured Images (Using log system)
  • Request: All images now saved as png
  • Request: Reset Featured Images now saves to log
  • Request: Plugin checks the app in all stores for availability and then generates the box with flags. Each flag is a button and a link to the app. Of course links is set for affiliate programs. [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Request: Option to search for Apps no longer available and change post to “Pending Review”
  • Added: —————-Option to rebuild cache same method as FI Rebuild
  • Request: iBooks support [Thanks rnakoneshny]
  • Request: separate the elements of appDetails, ex. appVersion, appCreateBy, appReleaseDate, etc. [Thanks Jomasher]
  • Request: Add Tags with App/item name to post [Thanks iOSAppLists]
  • Added: iWatch search


The App Store Assistant can cache the data from your application in the WordPress database for a preset number of hours. App icons and screenshots are cached on your server.


This file is part of App Store Assistant.

App Store Assistant is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

App Store Assistant is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with App Store Assistant. If not, see


  • Settings Page for changing Visual Elements
  • Settings Page for changing some of the text elements on the App Store detail
  • Single item from a page of multiple apps
  • ATOM Feed listing
  • General Settings
  • Shortcode buttons on editor toolbar
  • The Search Screen


  1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Change your preferences under Settings
  4. Add a shortcode to your page/post. It is recommended to only use one shortcode per page/post.
  5. Optional: Donate to fund the development of this plugin at TheiPhoneAppsList Donate


Whoa, some of my links don’t work when I have multiple shortcodes on one page/post?

Each shortcode is designed to be used just once on a page/post. If you want to have multiple items listed on one page, than I would suggest using the [ios_app_list] shortcode. You can have a comma separated list of items to be displayed.

I really like the plugin, can I donate to the project?

Why, thank you for asking, of course you can. Just click the donate link.


Ogwekkuminebiri (Ntenvu) 11, 2016
It helps while app reviews. also it has lots of detailed customizations. also if you have affiliate account you can enter your iTunes or Amazon credentials.
Mukutulansanja 7, 2017
Since the last update it works perfect, amazing!
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Contributors & Developers

“App Store Assistant” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “App Store Assistant” into your language.

Interested in development?

Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.



  • Changed: Removed displaying of PHP debug code at top of site [Thanks Alex]


  • Changed: Updated code to work with Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0
  • Changed: Removed sha256 code library [No longer needed]
  • Changed: Removed redundant XML processing code
  • Fixed: Issue with new editor blocks now loading shortcode data
  • Note: Amazon Product Advertising API 5.0 does not currently include all the fields from version 4.0


  • Note: It is NECESSARY to rebuild the cache with this version.
  • Note: It is RECOMMENDED to rebuild the Featured Images with this version.
  • Note: Make sure you choose your Country and Language on the General Tab after update.
  • Added: Now available with support for over 150 Countries with multiple languages
  • Added: Now supports larger (600×600) images for iTunes Album Artwork [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Added: Now supports larger (600×600) images for iTunes Movie Cover Artwork [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Changed: Added specific display information for various Product Groups
  • Fixed: Error handling with servers
  • Fixed: PHP error with Widgets
  • Fixed: New response format
  • Changed: Improved debugging of response format
  • Added: Additional I18n aka Localization is supported via POT file for items
  • Changed: feed is now process as UTF-8 rather than ISO-8859-1
  • Added: Now retrieves images for Apps
  • Changed: XMP parsing routines
  • Added: Now displays Track information for Single or Multiple Disc sets
  • Fixed: Minor PHP bugs
  • Changed: Language code from us to en_US


  • Added: New Dialog boxes for full control of shortcodes in Editor
  • Changed: Updated for WordPress 3.9 & Tiny MCE 4.0
  • Added: shortcode creator to Editor
  • Added: Additional I18n aka Localization is supported via POT file for admin area
  • Fixed: Corrected some display bugs caused by faulty data from


  • Changed: If caching is turned off, a width & height parameter is added to img tags for icons [Thanks tamansu]
  • Changed: Turned off UTF-8 Encoding of results from Apple Search API.


  • Fixed: Featured Image rebuild needed an clear cache
  • Fixed: Not finding posts with new shortcodes when doing app search [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Fixed: Screenshot settings now work on pages with Multiple Posts [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]


  • Added: Dashboard widget “Search for apps”
  • Added: You can now search for an app by name or App ID [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Added: Featured Images now work if cache is disabled
  • Added: Add missing categories to ASA posts [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Fixed: Featured Image was set to a size of 1×1
  • Changed: Featured Image functions replaced
  • Changed: Cleaned up search form and results
  • Fixed: Links in WP Admin Bar
  • Fixed: ASA Excerpt Builder now processes shortcodes with link instead of id
  • Changed: Moved Rebuild Featured Images to Rebuild menu
  • Added: I18n aka Localization is supported via POT file for admin area


  • Added: Added listing of Tracks for Albums [Thanks kittyj]
  • Added: Tracks names now link to Track preview
  • Added: Now checks for proper PHP version (5.4 or greater)
  • Added: Warning for older PHP versions
  • Added: You can now specify max width and max height for app icons or items
  • Added: You can now specify to crop or keey aspect ratio for app icons or items
  • Added: Documentation for affiliate program to help section
  • Added: You can now set the Max size for iPad & iPhone screenshots [Thanks tkrones]
  • Added: You can now set the Max size for items
  • Fixed: cached images not displaying after update
  • Added: ProductGroup eBooks for items
  • Fixed: Issues with RSS feed not displaying app info
  • Added: Additional error checking for responses
  • Fixed: Unchecking “Enable Lightbox” would not save preference [Thanks Jomasher]
  • Fixed: Elements not displaying [Thanks Jomasher]
  • Fixed: Issue with “�” character displaying in descriptions
  • Changed: Cleaned up text coming from feeds
  • Fixed: Issue with conflicting functions [Thanks JacobN]
  • Fixed: Issue displaying Rating Info if there were now ratings (zero stars)
  • Fixed: Issue with RSS feed not respecting settings for short description or icon
  • Fixed: Issue with Album of Software


  • Private beta only


  • Internal beta only


  • Internal beta only


  • Changed: Added transition to buttons
  • Changed: Replaced custom check for mobile browser with built-in WordPress function
  • Changed: New method to report ASA Version number
  • Added: New check box style for important options (iOS 7 style)
  • Fixed: Issue with iTunes items displaying when missing item info
  • Fixed: Issue with image cache not saving settings
  • Fixed: Issue with item data cacheing
  • Fixed: Apps without iPad or iPhone screenshots were generating an error
  • Updated: Localization of items


  • Fixed: Minor bugs fixed


  • Note: It is NECESSARY to reselect the elements to display.
  • Changed: New simplified method of choosing which elements to display [IMPORTANT: CHECK YOUR SETTINGS]
  • Added: Description of the “Assisted By” link added to Main Page
  • Changed: The “Assisted By” link is off by default
  • Added: Italian Translation [Thanks to Angelo Furnò (giankikine for the web ;)]
  • Changed: Completely replaced and optimized code to Rebuild Featured Images
  • Added: Additional frequently used items to + New Post menu
  • Added: Omnisearch results, your visitors can now search for any app from the app store. (optional)
  • Updated: Lightbox 2.6
  • Added: Ability to not include Lightbox (Enabled by default). May be included in other plugins.
  • Changed: Accepted jpeg (as opposed to jpg) for images (did not work with caching system)
  • Removed: References to discontinued Affiliate programs Linkshare & DGM
  • Fixed: Code to remove Featured Images from older versions
  • Added: Now removes all Featured Images set by this plugin
  • Changed: Nicer buttons with shadow
  • Fixed: iosUniversal not displaying properly
  • Fixed: Various PHP 5 strict errors
  • Fixed: Widget icon not showing
  • Fixed: Widget icon not respecting size set in preferences
  • Changed: Widget now uses same button colors & style as posts
  • Added: You can now change the number of apps displayed in widget
  • Fixed: Searching for Mac apps (Actually this was fixed by Apple)
  • Changed: Adjusted size of icon in search results to allow for new larger icons
  • Changed: Optimized code to cache images
  • Changed: Changed file names for cached images
  • Changed: Search/Add now uses new shortcode
  • Added: Check for writeable directory during featured image creation
  • Changed: Featured Images are saved in the cache folder sized to theme specs
  • Fixed: If original item image was too small, various sizes were not created
  • Added: Price now available in Details list
  • Added: Separate App Icon with Buy Button now available
  • Added: Inline elements as option for Single and Multiple posts


  • Added: Ability to add an Item’s icon to your RSS/ATOM feed
  • Added: Ability to add an Item’s short description to your RSS/ATOM feed
  • Added: Choose the icon size for RSS/ATOM feed
  • Changed: Clarified some text on the settings panels


  • Fixed: Issue with icon not displaying properly in some themes
  • Updated: Screenshots


  • Added: New universal type shortcodes [asa_item,asa_list,asa_link,asa_elements]
  • Added: iOS 7 Style Dot Ratings
  • Changed: Updated Star Rating graphics
  • Added: Now supports half-star ratings
  • Removed: Deprecated the following shortcodes
    • ios_app
    • mac_app
    • itunes_store
    • ibooks_store
    • ios_app_elements
    • ios_app_list
    • ios_app_link
    • itunes_store_link
    • mac_app_link
  • Note: Deprecated shortcodes are still functional in this version, but REPLACING THEM IS SUGGESTED!!!
  • Changed: Optimized item output processing
  • Changed: Added support for future Item Types and Apple Stores
  • Added: Option to display a Position Number for the results from a ATOM feed [Thanks 2020media]
  • Added: You can specify the characters before and after the Position Number i.e. “# 5”, “5)” etc.
  • Changed: New iOS 7 Game Center icon with transparent background
  • Added: Text below Game Center icon
  • Added: Additional CSS elements for finer control
  • Fixed: Issue with SimplePie returning RSS feed sorted by date (Apps now show in order)
  • Changed: Optimized RSS processing for faster results
  • Fixed: Some terrible spelling errors in this readme file [Thanks Auto-correct]
  • Fixed: Issue with TV Episodes listing TV Season for chosen show
  • Removed: The mode tag in RSS shortcode has been deprecated and is handled automatically
  • Changed: Updated buttons in Editor with icons
  • Changed: Simplified shortcode documentation
  • Changed: Removed “View in iTunes…” from price buttons due to small iTunes icons. It looks better now.
  • Changed: Now uses new TradeDoubler link format [Thanks trondR]
  • Added: Now correct for RSS links that have erroneousness trailing slashes
  • Changed: Removed older, unused functions
  • Fixed: New App creation text
  • Added: Icons for iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s
  • Fixed: Issue with illformed results from Apple JSON data
  • Fixed: Rare instance when App does not list a Genre
  • Fixed: Issue with non-cached images not having correct URL [Thanks kieuphongeg]
  • Added: Links between Admin/Settings pages
  • Fixed: appDetails element not displaying properly [Thanks trondR]


  • Changed: Requires WordPress 3.6 or higher (Older installations please use version 6.2.1)
  • Added: Now handles new Apple RSS link formats
  • Fixed: Description of Mac Screenshots no longer reads iPhone Screenshots
  • Fixed: Recognition of Mac apps
  • Changed: Uses size_format instead of internal function (Requires WP3.6+)
  • Changed: Switch to WordPress included version of SimplePie
  • Fixed: Error displayed if you had the wrong mode tag in the asaf_atomfeed shortcode
  • Fixed: Cacheing of RSS Feed data


  • Note: Apple has changed from LinkShare to PHG (Apply Here:
  • Note: THIS VERSION REQUIRES WordPress 3.6 or later!!!!!
  • Removed: LinkShare/linksynergy & DGM Affiliate Programs
  • Added: No Title element mode: Same as Regular except the title is omitted. (Handy for themes that remove formatting.)
  • Fixed: Screenshots not displaying because of a broken URL
  • Changed: Processing of elements order, there is now just SingleApp or ListOfApps
  • Changed: Order of elements in preferences (Collapsable items are now listed together)
  • Added: Icon support for iPhone 5S & iPhone 6
  • Changed: Simplified “Supported Devices” layout and settings
  • Changed: Rewrite the output routine that displays app elements.
  • Fixed: Game Center icon placement


  • Updated: Apple’s RSS generator is now at
  • Fixed: Issue with Display element without accordion was not respecting setting [Thanks Aslan Guseinov & broetchen]
  • Fixed: ‘No Featured Image Found’ was not displaying properly when adding Featured Images [Thanks doone]


  • Added: You can now display elements in an open/closable accordion view
  • Changed: Simpler settings for which elements display
  • Added: Color icons for new iOS devices
  • Added: Special “wp-o-matic” shortcodes for auto creation of posts [Thanks Aslan Guseinov]
  • Fixed: Add Featured Images function only added images to published posts, not to drafts or scheduled [Thanks AslanDoma]
  • Fixed: Documentation for Elements shortcode tag
  • Fixed: Widget not pulling proper images (Cache must be reset once for new setting)
  • Added: You can now specify the image size used in the Widget (Cache must be reset once for new setting)
  • Fixed: Wrong icon showing in ATOM feed list


  • Fixed: After searching AND creating a Draft for an app the “App Type” selector retains previous selection [Thanks AslanDoma]
  • Changed: Also includes drafts and scheduled posts when checking for duplicates [Thanks AslanDoma]


  • Added: When using the New App Post feature it lets you know if you already added the app. [Thanks AslanDoma]
  • Changed: Completely rebuilt Image handling. Now much faster and more efficient.
  • Added: Option to resize all featured images
  • Added: Option to reset all featured images to new size. Won’t affect custom Featured Images
  • Changed: Icons and Featured Images are now resized in cache for faster loading [Thanks snurnberg]
  • Added: You can now specify exact sizes for Icons and Featured Images
  • Added: Choose different sizes for Featured Images, Images in posts, lists and on iOS devices
  • Added: Screenshots now available on List pages
  • Added: You can now specify different elements to display on Single Posts vs Multiple posts and List pages
  • Changed: Better handling if an app is no longer available in the app store
  • Changed: App Icon uses smaller button, now fits with more themes
  • Changed: App Icon display code Simplified
  • Changed: Updates now show as a yellow background, and errors as red, in the settings panels
  • Removed: Extraneous App Icon CSS
  • Fixed: Supported Devices was displayed even when deselected in the options [Thanks aszabo]
  • Fixed: Extraneous a tag in Small Badge tag
  • Changed: Now clears ATOM feed cache when clearing Caches
  • Fixed: Cache directory for SimplePie
  • Changed: Rebuilt ATOM Feed cacheing system
  • Fixed: Extraneous div tag, was throwing off some themes
  • Fixed: Issue with price button button not respecting preference setting
  • Fixed: is now using png and jpg files for product images [Thanks TesterGP]


  • Fixed: Extraneous div tag, was throwing off some themes
  • Note: The Image system has been replaced.
  • Note: It is recommended that you clear the caches AFTER upgrading.


  • Fixed: Was not displaying Minimal iDevice icons if the app was listing “all” as the supported devices [Thanks snurnberg]
  • Added: Missing icons for original iPad Wifi, iPhone 3G & 3GS.
  • Added: iDevice icons are now sorted for aesthetic design


  • Added: Link in Admin Bar to create new post from a found App
  • Added: Choose which elements show on a App List (ATOM feed or App List)
  • Added: Release Notes are now available as an element or part of a post
  • Added: “Offers In-App Purchases” warning (When Available)
  • Added: You can now use the short description on ATOM Feed displays
  • Added: “Supported Devices Minimal Icons” now just shows iPad, iPod, iPhone or iPad mini icons [Thanks snurnberg]
  • Changed: App Titles in ATOM Feed displays now uses your Themes H2 style
  • Fixed: Renamed a couple badges for the ES Localization that we incorrectly tagged
  • Fixed: Icon not showing on ATOM Feed display
  • Fixed: Icons added for New iDevices
  • Changed: Device list now uses descriptive text rather than device code
  • Changed: Device list uses new output method for better compatibility with themes


  • Added: New smaller App Store badge element “appBadgeSm” for the ios_app_elements shortcode [Thanks beakernet]
  • Fixed: An issue ios_app_elements that had spaces in the elements list
  • Fixed: An issue ios_app_elements that multiple elements (introduced in 6.0.1)
  • Fixed: Had a “z” in the button name [Thanks beakernet]
  • Fixed: Issue with href tag ending. Fixed for HTML5 compatibility
  • Fixed: Issue with empty Value attribute in href tag. Fixed for HTML5 compatibility
  • Fixed: Two images were missing from the enlarged screenshots overlay. [Thanks snurnberg]


  • Fixed: An issue where the ios_app_elements shortcode was returning data out of order [Thanks beakernet]


  • Added: You can now display individual elements via new shortcode “ios_app_elements” [Thanks beakernet & snurnberg]
  • Changed: New Simplified Settings Pages
  • Changed: Placement of App Store/iTunes badges now separate from description. [Thanks snurnberg]
  • Added: You now have the option to have link open in a new window [Thanks beakernet]
  • Fixed: The buy button for an iTunes item now render using the custom color selections [Thanks beakernet]
  • Fixed: Issue with iTunes store Post body elements prefs not saving. [Thanks beakernet]
  • Changed: New icons for iDevice types [Thanks snurnberg]
  • Changed: Optimized code
  • Fixed: iTunes Store Badge text in settings


  • Fixed: Issue with images not showing in sort view of Admin section [Thanks snurnberg]


  • Added: OPTIONALLY display “App Icon’s buy button” [Thanks snurnberg]
  • Added: OPTIONALLY display the Apps description [Thanks snurnberg]
  • Changed: You can now edit the shortcode before creating a new post
  • Fixed: Sorting of App Elements did not save on some WordPress setups (broken by JetPack v2.2)
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with JetPack running shortcode twice
  • Fixed: Issue with “New App Post” creating longer than necessary shortcode


  • Added: You can now rearrange the order of App elements via drag and drop
  • Added: Now saves Featured Image from app icon when using “New App Post” to create post
  • Added: New Setting for posts created from “New App Post” [Draft, Publish or Pending]
  • Added: New feature to add Featured Images to posts that do not have a Featured Image assigned
  • Added: Option to add App Store categories to posts created from “New App Post”
  • Added: Option to create new categories, if needed, to posts created from “New App Post”
  • Added: Now lists categories and newly created categories upon new post creation
  • Added: New option to not display App Icon in post
  • Added: You can now clear individual items from the Data cache and Cache folders
  • Changed: Now checks for new settings that haven’t been set before as sets then them to default (useful on updates)
  • Changed: “Find App ID” is now “New App Post”
  • Updated: Now caches App data and images upon creation of post when using “New App Post”
  • Fixed: Device and “Universal App” icons were showing border in some themes
  • Fixed: Does not load excerpt handler if turned off in settings
  • Changed: New options for the amazon_item_link shortcode (see help section)
  • Changed: Reset page has been changed to Utilities
  • Changed: Cache options have been moved to General


  • Added: Short code to display a link to an iTunes item
  • Changed: Cleaned up the Shortcode help section and added more descriptive text


  • Added: Shortcode help section to Settings area
  • Added: Shortcode to display a link to an items
  • Added: amazon_item_link shortcode mode for displaying price after item text
  • Added: amazon_item_link shortcode mode for displaying separate text if item price is unavailable
  • Added: amazon_item_link shortcode mode for displaying any combination of text and button
  • Updated: More text has been added to Localization items for section
  • Fixed: Amazon Links now open in a new Window


*Fixed: See Version 5.6.5


  • Added: Choose the language of the iTunes/App Store Badges (See General->Localization)
  • Added: Choose the text of the iTunes/App Store Badges (See App Store or iTunes Store)
  • Added: New icons for iTunes and App Store badges as per new Apple Guidelines
  • Changed: Corrected text in iTunes settings section
  • Changed: A few default CSS values based on requests


  • Fixed: Buy Button Background Gradient Start does not change the color. [Thanks Jeroen]


  • Added: More options for “More Info” links and buttons
  • Removed: Option to use Custom Featured Image generator, conflicted with too many themes
  • Added: Option to use WordPress or Custom Excerpt generator
  • Updated: New shortcode descriptions for “More Info” text
  • Fixed: “More Info” link is now customizable globally or for each shortcode
  • Fixed: Issue with excerpt not working with certain themes (see new setting on general tab)
  • Fixed: Issue with Featured Image not showing when defined


  • Added: Widget to show ATOM Feeds of Apps
  • Added: Lightbox for display of Screenshots
  • Added: Cacheing of Amazon Product data and images
  • Added: Sends Featured Image to Themes that request it (handy for related posts)
  • Added: option to show Featured Image as app icon or small product image in excerpt
  • Added: option to show “Read More” link in excerpt
  • Updated: Amazon Product code to better handle foreign characters
  • Added: Featured Image support for iTunes products
  • Changed: Unified Cache directory with sub folders for each type of store
  • Changed: Optimized Cacheing system
  • Changed: Optimized image storing
  • Now Tested with over 300 Themes
  • Note: The Image system has been replaced.
  • Note: It is recommended that you clear the caches AFTER upgrading.


  • Added: Many CSS tags for section
  • Fixed: In App list mode, icon was appearing above description
  • Fixed: In Music list mode, icon was appearing above description
  • Fixed: Some item’s use a description from Editorial Review, which can have odd characters. It now tries to translate them.
  • Changed: Some options have been moved to make more sense


  • Added: Now displays icons for Supported Devices or List of Supported Devices
  • Added: Localization items for section
  • Fixed: Debug information was showing


  • Added: beta feature


  • Fixed: Issue with WordPress not recognizing manually entered excerpts


  • Added: Some WP 3.5 API coolness
  • Added: New App Store Search Screen in Settings
    • Search for an App ID with copyable shortcode
    • Auto-Create a post from App Store Search form
    • Moved the appStore_IDsearch to the Settings section
  • Added: You can now turn off screenshots [Thanks jack89ita]
  • Added: Screenshot of buttons on toolbar [Thanks crazymikesapps]
  • Added: Now ready for Localization
  • Added: Now creates an Auto Except if no manual excerpt exists
  • Added: App Store Asst menu on Admin screen
  • Updated: Rewritten and optimized
    • Settings section
    • Removed ios_asaf_atomfeed shortcode
    • Removed appStore_IDsearch shortcode
    • Major cleanup of codebase
    • Now checks for writable image cache folder
    • Removes cached files and database entries when cache is cleared
  • Fixed: Error with currency set to US instead of USD
  • Fixed: TinyMCE was being re-declared in some themes


  • Note: See Version 5.0.1
  • Removed: The shortcodes appStore_IDsearch and ios_asaf_atomfeed have been deprecated.
  • Changed: The functionality of appStore_IDsearch has been moved to the Settings page.
  • Note: You should change the shortcode from ios_asaf_atomfeed to asaf_atomfeed.


  • HTTPS is now supported for Search and Lookup requests to Apple via their updated Search API.


  • Added: New shortcode [ios_app_list] (Use this shortcode if you are listing multiple apps on one page/post.) [Thanks Rodney]
  • Added: AppStore links now open in a new window/tab [Thanks bluesteel124]
  • Fixed: AppStore Badge URL (was missing .gif extension)
  • Fixed: CSS for iTunes buy buttons
  • Updated: Cleaned up and corrected readme.txt


  • Added: Additional CSS configuration for buttons
    • Transparent backgrounds
    • Gradient Backgrounds
    • Button Corner Radius
    • Button Border Width


  • Added: Two new shortcodes to display an affiliate link anywhere in a post [Thanks pwlk]


  • Fixed: Cache clearing code
  • Updated: Screenshots


  • Added: Shortcode “asaf_atomfeed” to display iTunes or iOS ATOM feeds
  • Fixed: Issue with iTunes RSS feeds [Thanks Fredrik]
  • Changed: RSS shortcode button in editor to reflect new shortcode


  • Added: New search functions for “[appStore_IDsearch]” shortcode
  • Updated: Improved search results for “[appStore_IDsearch]” shortcode
  • Added: Apple now includes some 1024 x 1024 iOS icons and we have added code to handle this
  • Added: Option to choose adjust icon size by percentage or set max pixel size
  • Updated: CSS for admin page changed to improve readability
  • Updated: Reorganized and cleaned up admin page


  • Added: Ability to choose which country’s store results to display
  • Added: Feature to delete App information cache


  • Added: New Currency options:
    • US $
    • Euro €
    • Norway Krone
    • Sweden Krona
    • Japan Yen
    • UK £
  • Fixed: Issue with older PHP installations. [Thanks Robert]


  • Added: Error handling for incorrect tag format
  • Fixed: Issue with RSS Feed button in editor. It was inserting “id” instead of “atomurl”. [Thanks Fredrik]


  • Added: Ability to use Full or Short description on Single Post page [Thanks Costin]
  • Added: Ability to use Full or Short description on Multiple Post pages [Thanks Costin]
  • Added: Ability to reset all settings to defaults.
  • Fixed: Issue with new Ratings bar images not being displayed
  • Changed: Moved App Store badge to local image folder to reduce page load time
  • Changed: “More Info” button now better reflects new description settings


  • Added: 12 additional styles to Ratings bar
  • Added: Ability to customize button colors
    • Text
    • Shadows
    • Gradients etc.
  • Fixed: Issue with jQuery conflict on Admin pages
  • Fixed: Issue with DMG affiliate code
  • Updated: Removed dependency on specific version of jQuery
  • Updated: Removed legacy code
  • Updated: Optimized some code
  • Added: Screenshots


  • Added: Ability to ID Search for iPhone/iPod OR iPad apps [was just iOS]
  • Added: Title to ID Search based on selected type of search
  • Updated: ID Search for Mac apps [API change]
  • Updated: Adjusted box size for shortcode in ID Search Results for easier copying
  • Updated: CSS changes in ID Search Results
  • Fixed: ID Search form to keep app type selection after search


  • Added: Better CSS/Layout for ID Search
  • Added: Developer/Seller name to ID Search results
  • Fixed: issue with empty Main Stylesheet [Was blank in 4.3]
  • Updated: Cleaned some code for more efficient processing


  • Updated: Redesigned Settings page for easier setup [Major update]
  • Added: Categories display to ID Search results


  • Added: CSS div to details section for compatibility with Google Fonts Plugin


  • Fixed: Issue where if Apple RSS feed returned an invalid App ID, feed would not display fully.


  • Added: Donation link to description


  • Fixed: Issue with search styles


  • Added: Shortcode to have a private search page


  • Added: A button to insert shortcode for
    • iTunes Store
    • App Store
    • Mac App Store
    • Apple ATOM feed


  • Added: A new shortcode for iTunes Store
  • Added: Ability to display:
    • Music Albums, Songs and Music Videos
    • Movies, Short Films
    • TV Episodes and Seasons
  • Added: Choice of:
    • App icon size and % adjust
    • iTunes icon size and % adjust
  • Added: Can choose different size icons when viewed on iPhone
  • Added: Smaller buy button choice for viewing on iPhone (less text)
  • Fixed: iTunes Search API error issue where “collectionId” is used in Albums rather than specified “collectionID”


  • Updated: Very minor CSS changes
  • Added: Additional CSS tags
  • Updated: Description
  • Updated: Cleanup of PHP & HTML code (no functional changes)


  • Updated: Change text “Rating” to “Age Rating” for Age Advisory
  • Changed: Change background color for app icons div to transparent


  • Added: Affiliate Network support for TradeDoubler and DGM
  • Fixed: Affiliate Network support for LinkShare
  • Added: Affiliate Network partnerId pulldown menu in preferences
  • Changed: Can now be used with out belonging to the Affiliate program (We do strongly suggest you join though, you should be earning this commission.)
  • Added: Settings to display, or not, various app details
    • Title
    • Version
    • Developer Name
    • Seller Name
    • Date Released
    • File Size
    • Universal App
    • Age Advisory
    • Categories
    • Star Rating
    • Game Center Enabled icon
    • Supported Devices list


  • Fixed: Issue where Mac app icons were cut off in CSS
  • Fixed: Button Margins
  • Changed: Made “Show Full Description” button smaller
  • Changed: Softened buttons
  • Updated: Made CSS easier to edit for buttons


  • Fixed: Minor Bug Fix


  • Fixed: Issue if Apple returned an invalid image link
  • Added: Additional CSS entries for customization


  • Initial public release on


  • Initial addition to svn
  • Changed: screenshot title to Mac or iPhone depending on shortcode


  • Fixed: Issues with CSS
  • Updated: Now uses Affiliate links
  • Added: Separate support shortcode for Mac App Store
  • Added: Preference for Linkshare affiliate code


  • Fixed: Icon sizing issue


  • Internal release