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Alhamdulillah that you can display Yearly and Monthly prayer time with ajax month selector using shortcode [timetable]
Daily prayer time can be displayed vertically or horizontally in your preferable widget area. Designed for any Mosque or Islamic institutes.

You need to upload your masjid’s timetable from plugin admin section.


[GIT Repository] https://bitbucket.org/mmrs151/daily-prayer-time-for-mosques
Add your commit and make a pull request. Please describe your feature, I will add it to the core.
Also, feel free to release my code with a new plugin name with your exiting new ideas added to it.
My sole intention is to support the ummah.
So I have absolutely no complain as long as you have the same intention.



Once the installation above is done, this will allow you

  • To display prayer start and jamah time

  • To display ramadan timetable for daily or full month

  • To display next prayer and IQAMAH notifications

  • To display prayer time either vertical or horizontal widget.

  • To display ‘Jamah time’ only if you chose.

  • To chose from three different themes

  • To chose Asr salah start method

  • Display monthly and yearly timetable using shortcode [timetable] from any page or post

  • Display Khutbah time announcement on Friday

  • Display Iqamah time only for monthly timetable using shortcode

  • Upload any number of days, weeks, months or a full year.

  • Support all language that are readable on the web

  • Use custom css using the class dptUserStyles to decorate your element table elements.

  • Use span class dpt_jamah and dpt_start along with [next_xxxx_prayer] and design your view however you want.

  • Display Iqamah update for next day

  • Display prayer time on big monitors in the masjid

  • Display Quran verse in a shortcode


  1. [monthlytable] – Display Yearly and Monthly prayer time with ajax month selector
  2. [dailytable_horizontal] – Display daily timetable horizontally
  3. [dailytable_horizontal asr=hanafi] – Display daily timetable horizontally with Hanafi Asr start method
  4. [dailytable_vertical] – Display daily timetable vertically
  5. [dailytable_vertical asr=hanafi] – Display daily timetable vertically with Hanafi Asr start method
  6. [dailytable_horizontal asr=hanafi friday_alert=”First Khutbah: 1:15. Second Khutbah: 1:45″] – Display Friday announcement
  7. [monthlytable display=iqamah_only] – Display Iqamah only for Yearly and Monthly prayer time with ajax month selector
  8. [monthlytable display=azan_only] – Display Azan only for Yearly and Monthly prayer time with ajax month selector
  9. [monthlytable heading=”MÃ¥nedlige Tidsplan”] – Display monthly time table heading in any language, default is ‘Monthly Time Table for’
  10. [digital_screen] – Display prayer time on big monitors in the masjid
  11. [quran_verse] – Display a random verse from the Holy Quran
    … and more. Check the ‘helps-and-tips’ page in plugin settings once you install it.


  • Upload timetable
  • Translate in any language
  • Hijri date settings
  • Change timetable look and feel
  • Update monthly prayer time from admin section
  • Digital screen settings
  • Jumuah, Ramadan, Asr and Iqamah notification settings
  • API docs
  • Widget settings
  • Example 1: daily prayer times
  • Example 2: monthly prayer times
  • Digital screen or mobile screen
  • Example1: Using individual shortcode
  • Example2: Using individual shortcode
  • API response
  • Iqamah change notification for tomorrow


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Simply go under the Plugins page, then click on Add new and select the plugin’s .zip file
  3. Alternatively you can extract the contents of the zip file directly to your wp-content/plugins/ folder
  4. Finally, just go under Plugins and activate the plugin

Comprehensive setup

Please upload your mosque’s timetable in .csv format from the plugin setting page.


Why my time table is showing all zeros(0)?

You will need to import your mosque’s timetable csv from settings section.

Why my date is showing ‘1, Jan 1970’

Because you have not imported your mosque’s timetable or your date format is not valid mysql format, which is (YYYY-MM-DD)

How to display ramadan time

Simply put ‘1’ for the last column(is_ramadan) in the sample csv for the days belongs to ramadan before upload

Why does it not show minutes remaining for next IQAMAH

Please check/update your timezone settings in Settings > General

What other features coming in the next updates

Please look at https://trello.com/b/6Re5Dga7/salah-time-wordpress-plugin


Ogwekkumi (Mukulukusa) 29, 2021
I had an headache how to display a specific salat times timetable for a brother's mosque when your plug went to the rescue. Jazaka Lahu Kheyra twice for this very usefull plug and also for the cvs file. Easy to use for beginner. Brilliant work.
Ogwekkumi (Mukulukusa) 13, 2021
Assalamu Alaykum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuh, May Allah reward you and your family for your efforts brother. Finding this plugin has been a real blessing from Allah and a wonderful means to help Masjids moving from their traditional chalk and blackboard to a digital dashboard for namaz time and annoucements. Brother Mustafiz has been always available for support and providing continuous update and functionalities. Very grateful for your effort and good deed. Jazakallah Khair.
Ogwomwenda (Mutunda) 26, 2021
Assalamu Alaykum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuh, May Allah reward you for your efforts brother, but I am having issues of times that if I set to automated time to Toronto it does not change. I am not sure what it could be the reason, am I doing something wrong?
Sseeboaseka 29, 2021
Salam Alekum Brother, Thanks for this plugin, I like it. We just have a some issue where in our Digital Screen small so the alert message is over the Friday Prayer. I wish if you can fix this in some how. May Allah bless you for your work.
Sseeboaseka 13, 2021
This used to be a great plugin. However, recently the countdown no longer counts down. This means that namaaz times are out of date and not updating as they should, which is a critical function of the plugin. I was advised to deactivate the cache for the page the plugin is applied to. This is not possible as our daily namaaz times are on our homepage. And that is not exactly a solution to what is a pretty important functionality of the plugin. I am sad to have to leave this review but as there is no response to my support ticket, I was left with no other option.
Mugulansigo 18, 2021
alsalam ealaykum Brother thank you so much it's a very very good plugin Please Help just if you can tell us How to add a drop-down list Contains cities within the display panel!! Can you send a shortcode with show dropdown contains cities?
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