KBucket: Your Curated Content in WordPress


Introducing KBucket, the ultimate WordPress plugin designed to revolutionize the way you curate, share, and amplify news and information on your website.

With KBucket, you can effortlessly create your very own curated content hub, empowering you to curate and publish the most compelling content from across the web, all in one place.

KBucket simplifies the process by providing you with a browser extension called Kurator to curate and organize content that resonates with your audience.

From breaking news to thought-provoking insights, you have the power to handpick the most valuable information and present it in a visually stunning format.

But that’s not all! KBucket takes content curation to the next level by enabling you to showcase selected content from your curated hub using eye-catching carousels and sliders, seamlessly integrated into any section of your website.

Engage your visitors with dynamic, interactive displays that captivate their attention and keep them coming back for more.

One of KBucket’s standout features is its ability to curate and publish YouTube videos effortlessly.

You can create captivating galleries and carousels filled with curated videos that align with your website’s theme and purpose.

But it doesn’t stop there – with the power of chatGPT, you can use your favorite tool to easily enhance your videos by adding transcriptions, making them accessible to a wider audience and improving SEO.

And the best part Visitors can watch the videos directly on your site, without being redirected elsewhere.

KBucket is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for SMBs, analysts, journalists, activists, and content creators alike.

By harnessing the potential of curated content, KBucket empowers you to add value and truly own the content you share. Drive traffic, boost engagement, and establish your website as the go-to source for curated information.

Whether you’re a

  • marketer looking to fill content gaps with curated content,
  • an educator seeking to provide resources for your students,
  • a journalist aiming to curate and publish your research,
  • or a political entity hoping to educate and comment on news and policy,

KBucket is the ideal plugin for you.

Take a look to see how it all works.


  • Retirement Program Services Plansponsor Consultants is an elite retirement planning consultancy. Being a trusted advisor for their clients and prospects, they provide a trusted resource of third party content that they have assessed.
    *Immigration Attorney John Manley is a US Immigration attorney who uses KBucket to curate and automates the sharing of immigration-related news on multiple social channels using KBucket.
  • Toastmaster Club Silicon Speech is a Toastmasters group that uses KBucket to curate and distribute Toastmaster-related material for its members and the public at large.



Steps to activate the plugin.

  • Activate the Plugin from your WordPress Dashboard, KBucket Plugin page (You will see KBucket in the sidebar)
  • Register the Plugin by going to our registration page
  • Get your API key from your new profile page (The free version lets you display 10 articles per channel)
  • Enter your API key under the settings tab in your WordPress KBucket page
  • If you are using a Page Builder product, you need to use short codes to display the content
  • Go the the “Settings Tab” and choose “use short code” option
  • Go to the KBucket page (this page is labeled under your pages list) and create a row with two columns and copy the short codes into each section
  • Add the Kbucket page to your desired menu and change the name and url of the page as you wish
  • If you are not using short codes, go to the Appearance Widgets menu and add the KBucket tags to the “KBucket Sidebar”
  • Download Kurator from the Kurator product page
  • Visit our documentation page if you have any questions forums.


What are the limitations with the Free Version?

The Free version allows you to post 100 posts. To display additional posts, you will need to upgrade.

How do I add content to KBucket?

To curate and add articles, you will need our Kurator extension for Chromium browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc. You can find the link to Kurator under the installation tab or search for the name in the Chrome Web Store.

How can I embed selected posts on my site?

In KBucket, you can utilize the Widget tab to filter content based on the channel, choose the publishing format, generate a short code, and embed the selected content into any page or blog post.

How will KBucket power my Newsletter and Social Media Content?

Each channel on your KBucket page generates a unique RSS feed. You can use this RSS feed to automatically publish content to your newsletter and social media channels.

Once set up, every time you add new content to Kurator, it will automatically be posted to your KBucket page, your newsletter, and all your social channels.

How can I use KBucket for Content Marketing?

KBucket widgets allow you to create more engaging content, increase time on site, and utilize curated content and chatGPT inspired tools to generate new and unique content quickly.


Sseeboaseka 22, 2022
I’d been looking for an aggregator plugin for a site I’d been wanting to start, and this one did the trick. It’s easy to set up, and if you run into trouble, the author is available and very willing to assist.
Sseeboaseka 9, 2022
This is a fantastic plug in. I am using it regularly on my website. I highly recommend this. I am an immigration attorney and use KBucket to curate and share related information on multiple channels.
Muzigo 16, 2022
This has been one of our easiest plugins and the new features help it work even better. If you’re looking for an easy way to share curated content from outside sources on your website, this is the way to do it. Couple it with their browser extension for Chrome and this becomes seamless.
Muzigo 13, 2022
Silicon Speech is a Toastmaster club based in Santa Monica, California. We utilize KBucket as a knowledge library to offer our members with important information and resources. To promote community among all of our members, we established a shared folder where they may curate and share any materials or speeches that are relevant to the activities of our club and organization.
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Contributors & Developers

“KBucket: Your Curated Content in WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




First official public release


Fixed minor theme related bugs


Fixed minor theme related bugs


Fixed issues with “Set Social” on the backend


Added Twitter handle for sharing


Added Twitter handle for sharing
Fixed upload bugs


Fixed category tag issues


Fixed memory upload issues


Fixed issues with social image share

=2.3.23 =
Fixed issues with Style formatting

=2.3.24 =
Fixed issues with Java Script – conflicts with newer versions

=2.4.7 =
Made KBucket page micro tags visible to the search engine
Added short code capabilities to make it compatible for more themes
Changed how images are uploaded. Once an image is loaded from the server, it will stay, till changed by the server.

=2.4.8 =
Solved issues with mobile display

=2.6.1 =
Changed the URL structure to SEO friendly URLs.

=2.6.3 =
Added a new template with the channels appearing in the side-bar

=2.6.6 =
Added CSS tab for modifying look and feel of the KBucket page

=2.6.7 =
Fixed issues with image upload

=2.6.16 =
Updated Mobile display of posts. Now you see the whole description while in Mobile viewing. This helps with our Botcopy integration.

=2.6.22 =
Updated the version to work with the new WordPress database, enhanced the RSS feeds and added more fields for our Chatbot CMS solution and changed how the cards display content.

=2.7 =
Updated the tag and image edit features. Also made the plugin compatible with PHP 8.0

=2.7.4 =
Added a new theme for the KBucket page.
Added the ability to edit and replace images directly on the page
Updated the payment gateway

=2.7.6 =
Ability to add description for each channel

=2.7.7 =
Fixed issue with camera icon

=2.8.0 =
Fixed minor issues and crated a link back to our website

=2.9.0 =
Added a sync feature to sync Kurator files with KBucket

= =
Fixed bugs with the sync feature

=2.11.7 =
Fixed issues with Sync, improved the uploading process to only update what has changed. Much faster sync process.

=2.11.9 =
Fixed an issue with a log file that needed to be deactivated. It was slowing down access to plugin on the back end.

=2.12.1 =
Added styles option for customizing the look & feel of the content tags and post items. Updates to image upload and sync feature.

=2.12.2 =
Fixed a compatibility bug with WordPress version 6.1.1

=2.13.9 =
Added widgets to embed content from KBucket via shortcode anywhere on your website.

=2.13.11 =
Added a Slider widget via shortcode

=2.13.18 =
Updated the look & feel of the embed widgets and added the readme button to the posts

=2.14.3 =
Updated php to support 8.0, and added capability to play YouTube videos directly on the page.

=2.14.5 =
Updated PHP to support 8.3, fixed issues with theme display, changed captions for videos, added Facebook share button

=3.1.3 =
Fixed incompatibility with Astra themes, introduced new widget theme

=3.1.6 =
Fixed compatibility issues with JS and minor bug fixes


Added new option to display popups (Left, Center, Right)


Fixed issues with popup text formatting and image alignment