Retrieval for Woocommerce


One free month of fulfillment services upon sign up while warehouse space lasts.*

With Retrieval, you can fulfill your orders for cheaper than any other means through our innovative click and collect solution.

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough as it is, and you need a fulfillment provider that works with you, not against you. Most other fulfillment providers will keep your orders in warehouses that are far away from your customers, and charge you for numerous fees like account fees, sorting fees, picking fees, packing fees, and last mile delivery fees. With Retrieval, you’ll only be responsible for storage fees, and a one-time per-item fee. That’s it! No long term contracts, cancellation fees, or any other headaches.

Here’s how we are different: instead of keeping your goods in far away warehouses, we’ll keep your stock directly in major urban centers in our downtown micro-warehouses. Then, with integration of our plug-in to your webstore, consumers on your webstore will be given a pick up option for their units that are in-stock and in-range from their shipping address to a Retrieval pick-up station. In a sense, Retrieval can be your store’s “buy now, pick up in-store” option, without the store!

Fulfillment plans are entirely customizable and scalable to you, the owner of your store. If a customer’s order is not in-stock or not within a two-mile radius of their shipping address, then they won’t see the option for Retrieval fulfillment, and you’ll have the order routed to your traditional fulfillment provider. Accordingly, you, the store owner, get to decide to stock as much, or as little stock in the American markets that you choose.

Give Retrieval a try, and get your orders fulfilled for less.


  • Sync-Up Your Stock With Retrieval’s Inventory System
  • With installation of this app, you’ll be able to integrate your inventory system instantly with Retrieval’s inventory system. You’ll then be able to add stock to Retrieval markets (the first will be Philadelphia in October 2022, with more soon to follow), view the history of orders fulfilled through Retrieval, and re-stock in the quantity and location of your choosing. Access to the portal is free, and the retailer is only charged after an order is placed.
  • One Month Free Fulfillment Services
  • For a limited time, Retrieval is offering retailers one free month of fulfillment services. For retailers who sign up for fulfillment services in the Philadelphia market prior to September 1st, (Philadelphia location opens October 1st, 2022), Retrieval will waive the fulfillment fee for all the units in the unit, keep stock stored at our Philadelphia location for one month with no storage fees, and fulfill orders as they are placed. After thirty days, the retailer will be charged the storage fees in proportion to the stock that remains in the Retrieval location not yet fulfilled from the first order.
  • Greener Fulfillment
  • Over 70% of the energy expended in fulfilling online orders is expended in the notorious “last mile” phase of the order’s fulfillment. With Retrieval, virtually all of the carbon emissions of the last mile are eliminated. Help meet your company’s eco-friendly goals by partnering with Retrieval.
  • Eliminate Porch Theft
  • Porch pirates are a major threat for your goods, particularly in crowded cities. With Retrieval, your goods are never left unattended, and there is zero threat of porch theft of your delivered goods.


  • Login into Retrieval system.
  • Register into Retrieval system.
  • Add and link Woocommerce product into Retrieval system.
  • Choose pickup location from Cart item.


  1. Install the Retrieval Add-on either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate the Retrieval Add-on from the Plugins tab – Installed Plugins.
  3. Navigate to WordPress dashboard and you will see Retrieval menu at.


What is Retrieval?

Retrieval is an e-commerce fulfillment provider provider click-and-collect fulfillment services for e-retailersto end-consumers in American cities.

Does Retrieval also provide home-delivery?

No, at this time Retrieval does not provide home-delivery. We recommend outsourcing your delivery services to another fulfillment provider, and leaving click and collect services to us!

Does Retrieval do full or partial outsourcing of fulfillment services?

Either! If you would like to maximize your fulfillment savings by solely offering click and collect fulfillment to your consumers, we’re all for it! But, if you only want to add a limited quantity of products available for fulfillment throught Retrieval, we’re also here to help.

How much do consumers pay for fulfillment through Retrieval?

That is up to you, the retailer. However, we recommend that you pass the savings you’ll see with Retrieval on to your consumer, so that you will see less cart-abandonment at checkout!

How can I receive support?

If you need some assistance, you can reach out to us on the live chat, or send us an email at


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