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Min Max Quantities for WooCommerce is the simplest WooCommerce extension to create special deals with product quantity and price. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to set a minimum and maximum permitted product quantity and/or price that a customer can purchase.

Min Max Quantities for WooCommerce stands out with it’s easy to follow features. It will allow you to set a global rule that applies to every single product of your store. Besides, you can also set special rules for an individual product. Moreover, set a minimum and maximum range on the cart total (price) with just a few clicks.

The brilliant features will empower you to restrict your customers from purchasing an item if the product quantity and price conditions are not met. For instance, if you set a minimum and maximum product quantity for a product, customers will not be able to check out if they attempt to purchase a quantity that is lower than the minimum or higher then the maximum you have set. Likewise, you can also set a minimum and maximum range for the product price. Finally, customers must pass those conditions for successful checkout.

The global rules are applicable storewide. By default, they include all products of your store. You can exclude an individual product from the global rule or set a custom rule by using the option named Ignore Global Min/Max Rules. Apart from that, you can also target the cart and set conditions targetting it. This will force your customers to purchase the total number that you prefer.

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🛍 Create custom deals targetting various occasions.
🛍 Set a special deal for your desired product/s.
🛍 Easily force customers to purchase more products.
🛍 It will help increase your total sales volume.
🛍 Finally, enjoy the enhanced store revenue :).


⚖️ Set a global min/max rule for every single product.
⚖️ Exclude product/s from the global min/max rule.
⚖️ Set a minimum purchasable product quantity.
⚖️ Set a maximum purchasable product quantity.
⚖️ Set a minimum purchasable product price.
⚖️ Set a maximum purchasable product price.

⚖️ Set a minimum cart total (price) that customers must purchase.
⚖️ Set a maximum cart total (price) that customers are allowed to purchase.
⚖️ Hide the checkout button if min/max conditions are not satisfied.

📍NOTE: You have to Ignore Global Min/Max Rules to make the individual product level rules effective.

🔥 [MIN MAX QUANTITIES FOR WOOCOMMERCE PRO](https://pluginever.com/plugins/woocommerce-min-max-quantities-pro/) FEATURES:

🎯 Add min/max rules for variable products.
🎯 Add min/max rules for product categories.
🎯 Add min/max rules for the cart quantity (number of products).
🎯 Option to directly add the minimum product quantity to cart.
🎯 Prevent add to cart when max limit for quantity/price is reached.
🎯 Enable option to remove item/s from the checkout page.
🎯 Control min/max rules for product/s belonging to multiple categories.



This section deals with global rules that apply to every single product of your store. You can exclude or set custom min/max rules for a product while editing it.

Minimum Order Quantity: Here you can set the minimum number of a product that customers must purchase. Customers will not be able to check out if they attempt to purchase a lower quantity.

Maximum Order Quantity: Control the maximum number of a product that a customer can purchase with this option. Customers will not be able to check out if they attempt to purchase a higher quantity.

Minimum Order Price: Set the minimum amount/price that your customers must purchase. Otherwise, they will not be able to checkout.

Maximum Order Price: Finally, set the maximum amount/price that your customers are allowed to purchase. Otherwise, they will not be able to checkout.

Hide Checkout Button: Enable this option to hide the checkout button if the min/max conditions are not met.


Minimum Cart Total: Set a minimum cart amount/price. Customers will not be able to check out if their cart total is lower than this minimum.

Maximum Cart Total: Set a maximum cart amount/price. Customers will not be able to check out if their cart total is higher than this maximum.

[🎉 Premium] Minimum Cart Quantity: Set a minimum cart quantity that customers must purchase for successful checkout.

[🎉 Premium] Maximum Cart Quantity: Set a maximum cart quantity that customers are allowed to purchase from your store.

[🎉 Premium] Force minimum Quantity: Enabling this options will add the minimum number of products when customers click the add to cart button.

[🎉 Premium] Prevent add to cart: Restrict customers from adding more products to their cart when max is reached for price/quantity.

[🎉 Premium] Remove Item from Checkout: Allow your customers to remove items directly from the checkout page.


If you want to exclude a product or set custom rule for it then you have to do it from the product data tabs in the edit product section. Under the inventory tab, you will find the min/max options. To exclude a product from the global rule, you just have to leave the fields empty. Likewise, you can set custom min/max rules by inserting custom values. Important to note here that, you must enable the Ignore Global Min/Max Rules to flawlessly enjoy this feature.


This may have bugs and/or a lack of features. If you want to contribute to this project, you are more than welcome. Please open an issue here.


  • Limitation for product
  • General settings


  1. Upload wc-minmax-quantities to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

📢 Frequently Asked Questions

Which min/max rule takes priority over the other?
There are multiple levels of min/max rules that you can assign to your products. The rules have a hierarchy to prioritize one rule over the other. Find below the priority of min/max rules from high to low:

⏫ Product variation. [Premium]
⏫ Product.
⏫ Category. [Premium]
⏫ General/Global [Use the option Ignore Global Min/Max Rules, to stay on the safe side.]

How can I suggest a new feature?
We would love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to open a new issue here as the feature request.


Sseeboaseka 17, 2021
Does exactly what it should do - although it wasn't playing initially after speaking with the support they were all over it very quickly and my issue was resolved - outstanding plugin and service to boot.
Gatonnya 28, 2021
Third plugin I've tried today which fails to restrict another purchase of the same item if maximum amount is reached already. I restrict an item to lets say 5 quantity. So I put 5 into my cart, then of that same item again another 5. Since I never went any higher, the plugin does not detect it and even worse: I have two lines of the same product in my cart, both 5 (which equals in 10) and I can even proceed to checkout. This "testing for bugs" took me 2 minutes and was the first thing I have tried. This shows that the creation of this plugin has not experienced any proper programming. Why is nobody testing their crap here on that site before uploading and demanding money?!
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1.0.9 (27th May, 2021)

  • Fix – Compatibility with WP v5.7.2
  • Fix – Compatibility with WC v5.3.0

1.0.8 (7th April, 2020)

  • Fix – Compatibility with WP v5.4
  • Fix – Compatibility with WC v4.0.1

1.0.7 (11th March, 2020)

  • Fix – Rule is not applying on product
  • Enhance – Options improved
  • Compatibility with WP v5.3.2
  • Compatibility with WC v4.0.0

1.0.6 (17th December, 2019)

  • Fix – Hook not firing for pro
  • Fix – Compatibility with WP v5.3.1
  • Fix – Compatibility with WC v3.8.1

1.0.5 (23rd November, 2019)

  • Compatibility with WP v5.3
  • Compatibility with WC v3.8

1.0.4 (31th October, 2019)

  • Compatibility with WP v5.2.4
  • Compatibility with WC v3.7.1

1.0.3 (3rd October, 2019)

  • Enhance setting page

1.0.2 (24th September, 2019)

  • Fix wrong notice in checkout page
  • Compatibility with WC
  • Compatibility with WP

1.0.1 (9th April, 2019)

  • Fix WC settings disappear
  • Fix Checkout page hide checkout button On failed requirements
  • Enhance Single product Min/Max Price
  • Enhance Add checkout show/hide settings
  • Enhance New dedicated settings page
  • Compatibility with WC
  • Compatibility with WP

1.0.0 (7th October, 2018)

  • Initial Release